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Best Landscape Designers in Kerala For Commercial Projects


In the bustling landscape of commercial ventures in Kerala, the exterior aesthetic of your business is a crucial element that can leave a lasting impression on clients and customers. Enter Hug A Plant Garden Center, the unrivaled choice for Landscape Architects & Contractors in Kerala, specializing in transforming commercial spaces into green masterpieces. In this blog, discover why Hug A Plant is the go-to destination for businesses seeking to elevate their outdoor aesthetics.

Why Choose Hug A Plant for Commercial Landscape Design?

  1. Exemplary Expertise in Commercial Landscaping: Hug A Plant Garden Center boasts a team of highly skilled landscape architects with a rich portfolio of successful commercial projects. From corporate offices to hospitality venues, their expertise extends to a variety of commercial spaces, ensuring that each design is tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of the client.

  2. Innovative Designs for a Lasting Impression: At Hug A Plant, innovation is at the core of their design philosophy. They understand that a well-designed landscape not only captivates the eye but also creates a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it's a striking entrance, a serene courtyard, or a green rooftop oasis, Hug A Plant's designs make a lasting impression on visitors and enhance the overall ambiance of commercial spaces.

  3. Brand Identity Integration: Recognizing the importance of brand identity, Hug A Plant works closely with clients to seamlessly integrate brand elements into the landscape design. The result is a cohesive and harmonious outdoor space that not only reflects the client's business ethos but also reinforces their brand image.

  4. Commitment to Sustainability: Hug A Plant prioritizes sustainability in every project. By utilizing native plant species, energy-efficient lighting, and water-wise irrigation systems, they create environmentally conscious landscapes that contribute positively to the local ecosystem. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly business practices.

  5. Turnkey Solutions with Detailed Drawings: Hug A Plant offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for commercial landscape projects. From initial concept drawings to plant details and on-site implementation, their meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the design is executed with precision. The provision of detailed drawings with plant information further enhances transparency and client satisfaction.

Contact Hug A Plant Garden Center:

Ready to revolutionize your commercial space? Contact Hug A Plant via email at or call 9747829970. The dedicated team is eager to discuss your commercial project, provide detailed drawings, and turn your vision into a reality.


Elevate the exterior aesthetic of your commercial space with Hug A Plant Garden Center, where exemplary expertise, innovative designs, and a commitment to sustainability converge. As the leading Landscape Architects & Contractors in Kerala for commercial projects, Hug A Plant is poised to redefine the green identity of your business. Contact them today, and let your commercial landscape become a testament to the perfect fusion of nature and design.