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Exotic Fruit Plant - Hug A Plant: Kerala's Premier Exotic Plant Nursery - Wholesale & Retail

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the enchanting world of exotic plants? Look no further than "Hug A Plant," Kerala's premier exotic plant nursery, located in the serene Athani area of Kochi. Here, we invite you to explore a treasure trove of rare and captivating plants that will transport you to far-off botanical paradises.

Unveiling the Exotic

At "Hug A Plant," we take pride in our collection of exotic plants that are bound to mesmerize plant enthusiasts and collectors alike. Our mission is to provide you with an opportunity to bring the allure of distant lands right into your home or garden.

Why Choose "Hug A Plant" for Exotic Plants?

  1. Exquisite Variety: Our nursery boasts an exquisite variety of exotic plants, from elusive tropical orchids to mesmerizing carnivorous specimens. Each plant is a testament to nature's creativity.

  2. Plant Enthusiast's Paradise: Whether you're an experienced plant collector or a novice with a thirst for the extraordinary, our selection offers something for everyone. Dive into the fascinating world of rare foliage and botanical wonders.

  3. Expertly Nurtured: Exotic plants often require specialized care. Our team of experts ensures that every plant leaving our nursery is not only rare but also in the best possible health, ready to thrive in your care.

  4. Exotic Landscaping: Create exotic landscapes that transport you to distant rainforests, arid deserts, or lush tropical jungles. Let us help you turn your garden into a breathtaking botanical haven.

  5. Professional Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide expert advice and guidance on the care and maintenance of your exotic plants, ensuring they flourish in your care.

Visit "Hug A Plant" Today

Immerse yourself in the magic of exotic plants at "Hug A Plant." Whether you're a connoisseur or simply seeking to add a touch of the extraordinary to your surroundings, our nursery is the place to be. Journey through our lush collection, and allow our exotic wonders to spark your imagination.

Address: Near Palaprassery Juma Masjid, Athani - Paravoor Rd, Aluva, Kerala 683578


Elevate your plant collection with the allure of the exotic, and let "Hug A Plant" be your gateway to botanical adventures from around the world.

Bringing Exotic Beauty to Your Doorstep 🌿🌺

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary in the world of plants!